Page 7 - ATC Network - Business Membership Program 2022/2023
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 Industry wide communication
Press releases
• Your press releases will be published in our news section • Press releases will be distributed through our fortnightly published newsletter mailing Blog mentioning Updates that don’t fit in a press release will be mentioned and linked to in our blog postings Social media promotion & linking Your company’s press releases, updates, happenings, etc. will be promoted and linked to ATC Network’s social media communities on Twitter and Linkedin (6,500 and 14,000+ Members respectively) Job openings Any employment opportunities can be published and will be promoted
Rotating banner
In random sequence your animated banner will be displayed at the top of each webpage Logo on main page industry listing A company logo linking to your company profile will be displayed directly on the industry search start-page
Additional services
ATC Network offers a range of services that are not included in the Business Membership Program fee,but are exclusively available to companies participating in the program. For more information about these additional services see the Additional services section.

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