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Marketing Package
The Marketing Package is a service ATC Network offers for companies seeking maximum brand exposure and recognition in the ATC industry. Whether for market penetration or industry leader assertion, this service will make sure you’re in the picture.
Enhanced industry communication and representation
Showcase your company/product/case study/project by making use of product presentations or visuals like movies and animations. Showcases will be promoted through:
• Hostedonthehomepageforaweek
• HostedintheShowcasesectionforamonth
• InanaddedShowcasetabinyourcompanyprofile
• Promotedthroughthedigitalnewsletter
• PromotedandlinkedtoATCNetwork’ssocialmediacommunities on Twitter and LinkedIn
Industry leader banner
On each webpage a compa- ny logo, either to the left or right of the frame, will link to your website
Medium rectangle banner
On every webpage that a visitor loads a randomly selected animated rectangle banner will be displayed
Banner in our newsletter
Company logo linking to your website in each fort- nightly update sent out to all subscribers around the globe
 business membership program 2022/2023

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