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ATC Network Webinars offer your company the opportunity to generate qualified leads and increase interest on subjects important to your organization. Host rich, interactive online Webinars to capture your target audience.
Full Service Event
• ATCNetworksuppliestheplatformandaudiosolutionsforyourevent
• Aneventmanagerwillassistyoufromstarttofinish.Thisincludessettingup
the promotional campaign, advice on presentation possibilities, monitoring your event, providing after-event evaluation and follow up material
Event Promotion
Your event will be promoted through our website, social media channels, weekly email updates and other digital communications
Follow Up
• Receiveaclearandextensiveanalyticsreportonyourevent
• Receivecontactdetailsforeachattendeeaswellasanalysisof in-eventbehavior
• Receivearecordingofyoureventforpersonalpromotionaluseandhavethe
recording linked to your ATC online company profile
ATC Webinars can be used for multiple purposes.
From sales pitches, to product launches, niche market events, training sessions, and more. ATC Network works in cooperation with you to make sure your event is a success.
 Benefits of hosting a Webinar
Full-Service Event
ATC Network can take care of every detail of the campaign leading up to the Webinar, leaving you to focus solely on the presenta- tion and the follow-up of sales leads.
Hosting a Webinar is definitely a lead gen- erating tool. It provides qualified sales leads and a detailed portrait of your target audience. Hosts benefit from access to
all attendee information and behavioral analysis in accordance with data protection laws.
With minimal time investment, Webinars can provide your business with a valuable return.
Responsible Advertising
Webinars are a cost- effective and interactive, green communication tool.
Benefit from a wider geographical audience with no cap on the number of attendees to your Webinar.
business membership program 2023/2024

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