Page 12 - ATC Network - Business Membership Program 2022/2023
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                          GL Communications Inc.
                                             Entry Point North
“We see ATC Network as one of the most important platforms for global ATC related news and publications. The ATC Network team provides us quick and professional support and we are extremely pleased with the service and exposure.” Inesa Stockunaite Marketing Manager
“ATC Network has always supported us with publishing timely news from our organisation and we have also benefited from the Tender information service subscription and marketing activities as part of our membership.” Roberto Weger Communications Manager
“Working with ATC Network team has been a real pleasure. They are quick to reply to all our needs and go the extra mile to provide us with extra value as part of our sponsorship program.”
Aliona Groh
Director, Marketing & Communications
business membership program 2022/2023

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