Page 11 - ATC Network - Business Membership Program 2023/2024
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 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & MARKETING SERVICES Due to an increasing demand from our business members for broader marketing solutions that are integrated and fully serviced, ATC Network has made its in-house core competencies in marketing and business intelligence available to all business members. Surveys, market research and other data services When you want to know your market and/or are in need of trustworthy data sets, look no further. ATC Network can provide you with excellent qualified data. Full service marketing & public relations support ATC Network is able to function as a full service marketing partner to any business within the ATC industry. We can assist with consultation, content creation, content optimisation, engagement, monitoring and measuring. Get the attention you need and get your message across to your target audience. Video & Event Support ATC Network can offer you a wide range of video production support. From on-site product demonstrations, interviews and full event support. We offer a high quality professional filming service with post producti- on and delivery of a high definition video. Your video will be promoted through ATC Network’s various channels and you will receive a copy for you own promotional use. We also offer event support through promotional after show video production, on-site instant coverage through various media channels and on-site event streaming. To see an example of previous work please visit  - -1 1 1 1 - - a   a t tc c- - n n e et t w w o o r r k k. . c co o m m 

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